Thank you for the opportunity & privilege to introduce the services offered by ZING COMPANY LIMITED.Our Co., Ltd was formed in November 2010, base on Trading.

After two years journey of walk through in Trading field at down in 2012, Zing Company Limited moves forward and open other business services as transportation:

  Amining & Starting Activities;   - Transportation (Prime Mover,Transporter) 
  -  Mining (Coal, Antimony, Lead......)
Zing arises from Teamwork -  Team work is the key factor to our success.

Our Motto is---The customer's problem is our problem.

We appercaite our customer's loyalty and our supplier's ongoing cooperation and assistance and we look forward continuous growth and progress in the research enterprise.Zing has   the resources to help you achieve your goals.

Our Values

-We respect and trust each other
-We are dedicated to our clients customers
-We are committed to excellence
-We achieve success through teamwork

We are committed to satisfying our customers. 

If you need any items that are not available in the web-site and other.please feel free to email your enquires and we will assist you.We are there,whenever and wherever  you need us.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Min Aye Thet Tun
Managing Director ,Zing Company Limited